Welcome to Natural Health Amsterdam

NHA is an integrated natural health clinic. Integrative medicine crosses the bridge between conventional medicine and complementary treatments. I work with a holistic approach; meaning it includes every aspect that influences your wellbeing into the treatment, to improve your health. Body, mind and spirit are one and are closely connected and therefor integrated within your health.

Trust and faith

Healing is a complex matter, not only medication and physical human cells are involved in this process but also non-physical issues like trust, faith and mental paradigms. This way of looking at healing and health is often the opposite of conventional medicine.

There's a great demand for natural ways of healing as petrochemical treatments don't very often offer lasting results in patients with chronic ailments. In recent years, more and more research into natural medicine has been done. Therefor more evidence based natural treatments are available and that is good news. Natural Health Amsterdam keeps up to date with the latest developments in this field and prescribes evidence based natural remedies where possible.

Is your treatment covered by your health insurance?

Consultations rates are not substracted from your policy excess and you don't need a referral from your family doctor or specialist. I am a certified therapist affiliated with the professional organization NWP. If you are additionally insured, treatments of NHA are fully (or partially) covered by most health insurance companies. See here for an overview of coverage per insurance company. An invoice will be send to you after every consultation, which you can submit to the insurer.