Aging is the process of cell degeneration and/or acceleration of cell replication. This is a natural process and people have differing paces of aging. This has to do with our genes and also our lifestyle. Anti-aging is designed to ensure that the body degenerates slower. Unfortunately the aging process cannot be completely prevented.

Cell regeneration

Optimal cell regeneration is what counts. Most supplements that counteract the aging process ensure that the hormonal system stays in balance. In addition, you can increase cell protection. For example Resveratrol protects DNA, therefore slowing down aging.

Balanced diet

A balanced diet is of great importance. Soy can be of benefit for older woman, due to the fyto-chemicals in this bean which mimic estrogen. For young women and men soy is not so good. There are many ways to slow the aging process. You can be extensively advised on this topic during a consultation.